Montag, 6. April 2020

Fall Cabal - Alles was man über die kranke Elite wissen sollte - alle 10 Episoden

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  1. Ich bin eben auf eine Webseite gestoßen, die mir bei meiner Suchmaschinensuche mit den gleichen Schlagwörtern "kinder central parc bunker" die ganze Zeit nicht angezeigt wurde. Plötzlich Nummer 1 der Suchleiste... Ich glaube, es wurden neue geheime Akten veröffentlicht!

    Oder könnt ihr mir sagen, was es damit auf sich hat?

  2. A friend whom I showed this video replied that Q was just created from Roger Stone as propaganda for Trump, he said that Q is just basically blaming everyone else for doing evil and that people who believe in that are totally brainwashed. He says its totalitarian shit like "Mein Kampf" from Hitler and that Roger Stone is already a convicted liar in prison and that Trump is samelike a serial liar.

    What do you think about that commentary? Please reply me I am keen of gathering more perspectives...

    1. he gave me a link to and told me I should read it for to understand how totalitarian propaganda works, telling also that Trump was a friend of Epstein and that its all twisted bullshit. He says far right means people hating muslims wearing Q shirts and marking the way to a totalitarian police state...

      I really ask sincerely to get answers here from the Q community to this statements from that guy.

  3. How should Trump drain the swamp if he would not be part of the swamp?
    You need to know all corners and edges of the swamp if you want to drain it.
    Trump does a good job now. If his job benefits the people and it's done, let us forgive him his ties to Epstein.
    Looks like he is saving the world right now.
    And if not, let's wait and watch until one side falls.
    At the moment it looks good for us.
    We the people, are the third party in this hidden war.

  4. Ich hoffe, das die Welt für meine und all die anderen Kinder sich im Frieden weiter dreht!!!